Vakantiehuis Essenhof


Living room

The Essenhof has 1 large living room. You can read a book, while enjoying a good wine from one of the surrounding vineyards. Furthermore, you find a televion in the living room, on which you can see Dutch and German programmes and a CD player to listen to your favourite music. In short: a living room in which you can fully relax.


On the ground floor of the Essenhof you find a spacious bathroom, which contains a sink, a shower and a toilet. The bathroom has been completely renovated to current standards. On the first floor you find a second toilet. You also have the opportunity to do some washing in the washing machine belonging to the Essenhof.


Next to the corridor on the first floor you find four bedrooms. There are two bedrooms with twinbeds and two bedrooms with two single beds. There is also a child’s bed and a changing table at the Essenhof.


On the ground floor you find a large kitchen. In the kitchen you have acces to a refrigerator, coffee maker and a kettle. A dishwasher is also present. You have fully the possibility to present your cooking skills.


Through the first floor you end up at the terrace on the back side of the cottage. Because of the site of the terrace, you will experience complete privacy. Garden furniture and a barbecue are present. In addition to this there are a trampoline and a swing around the house.